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CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: Should you have a season ticket that you are not able to use due to the virus, we will suspend your ticket. The suspension will take effect from the date we receive your ticket back by post.

Kenden Parking is the newest car park at West Malling train station. The car park can be accessed directly from the West Malling bypass, the entrance is within the kiss and drop lay-by. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Daily tickets are £5 for weekdays, £1.50 for weekend days, which can be purchased from the Pay and Display machines, using credit/debit cards or cash in coins only. You can now purchase season tickets and parking scratchcards online. Weekly tickets, at £20, can now be purchased from the Pay and Display machine which takes payment by credit/debit card. This is located at the entrance. To park overnight, simply purchase daily tickets to cover the duration of your stay.

The benefits of purchasing your parking ticket or scratchcards online in advance are:

  • Receive a discount on the daily price
  • Reduces the time taken to park
  • Removes the problem of not having change for the Pay & Display machines
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